Do you know any moms who could use a little boost? My friend Jami is a parenting expert who can help. Click here to learn more.

Do you know any moms who might benefit from extra support, practical tools, or a little inspiration? Parenting is hard work. Jami Kirkbride’s passion is helping parents learn to speak the unique language of their child’s heart. She is the founder of Parenting with Personality, a focused parenting approach for perpetually overbooked, wholeheartedly weary, and every degree of devoted parent that just wants what’s best for their child. As a mother of seven kids herself, Jami enjoys the random hugs and kisses from her kids and the simple moments that power her beyond the messiness of motherhood. Her experiences as a professional counselor, speaker, author, and personality trainer have equipped her to help educate, support, and inspire parents in their parenting journey. She longs to help other parents maximize their joy in the heart work of parenting! If you or a mom you know could use an extra boost after the holiday season, or beginning the new year, please encourage them to visit now to find out more!

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