New book on Personalized Learning

Pat Wyman, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, released a new book on personalized learning. The book includes a chapter I wrote entitled, “Leadership and Soft Skills: How to Create the Future You Want in School, Career, and Life.”

A video of my chapter is available on my YouTube channel,

Pat says: Can hardly contain our excitement! Our new worldwide goodwill book, Smarter ² : How to Use Personalized Learning to Master School Faster and Create the Future You Want is finally finished after a year of love and hard work!  50% off until January 31st here:

The book shows students:

* how to custom tailor learning to their needs, strengths and passions,

* how self-direct their education so that it matches what they want for their future

* ensures that what students study is directly related to the workplace and students are prepared with college and career readiness skills

No more ‘one-size-fits all education’

Data shows that using personalized learning increases graduation rates, improves grades and in many schools, well over 80% of students go on to college.

Included with Smarter ² is a complimentary book with success strategies for all subject areas: Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster


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